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Happiness is waking up to the gift of Stephen Colbert's man bits in icon form.

Thanks, [ profile] thetopdown!

ETA: Happiness is also knowing when your favorite shows will be back on air:

One of the first skeins back on the air will likely be NBC's "Saturday Night Live," probably on Feb. 23.

Most ratings powerhouses -- like ABC's "Desperate Housewives," NBC' "The Office" and CBS' "CSI" and "Two and a Half Men" -- will likely be back on the air by the end of March. They'll probably produce four to eight episodes for broadcast this season.

One exec close to "The Office" believes viewers could start seeing new episodes in five weeks. Dramas would probably take longer -- around eight weeks for a show like "Ugly Betty" -- limiting how many episodes can actually air.

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The current MySpace status of one Mr. James Gunn:

James Gunn wants you all to know that, after the WGA meeting tonight, the strike is basically over; we should all be back to work on Wednesday.

My heart soars with the eagle's nest! ♥

I'm a little bummed that there won't be any new Heroes in the fall, but at least I'll have The Office, 30 Rock and How I Met Your Mother back by April. I also imagine that the late night shows will be with writers almost immediately.

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From Deadline Hollywood Daily:

"Like everyone else, I have concerns about the deal, but overall I think it's a win for us, and I have no doubt that it's a deal we never would have come close to receiving without the strike. Like every negotiation, we're not going to get everything we want. Every writer knows what it's like when their agent/manager/lawyer, or in my case all three, try to get you a killer deal from the studios... you end up with something pretty good that you can live with, and gratefully can live on. That's what we got here, and I see very little upside to rejecting the deal. Perhaps SAG, with our support, can better it a bit June, and we'll ride that "most favored nation" train along with them.

"To quote [WGA East head] Michael Winship [who was at the strike captains meeting in LA yesterday], who was quoting Bill Clinton, we shouldn't let 'perfect' be the enemy of 'good.' "

Now I'm optimistic. I'll miss this icon, but I'm more than glad to get rid of it.
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From Deadline Hollywood Daily:

A bunch of idiots on the Internet suddenly think the writers strike is over just because Michael Eisner today says it is. Earth To Web: Eisner hasn't mattered since 2004-2005 when he was kicked to the curb by Disney and its shareholders. That said, here is the schedule for the next few days which may or may not be the end game: On Saturday, the WGA membership meets at the Shrine Auditorium. A guild phone bank has been making calls to members today urging them to attend.

So, as it stands, the strike = NOT OVER. :(

I'm assuming that "a bunch of idiots" is referring to the news blogs reporting Eisner's proclamations as fact. Clearly, we need pollsters to get to the real truth. ;)
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I feel like whenever I have a super shitty day the next day is always Fandom to the Rescue Day. It's like they know I could use something to flail over. Am I alone in this?

Anyway, to the subject of my flailing:

OMG BELLY. Angela is seriously the most adorable pregnant woman ever. She's going to be one of those gals who gains, like, 20 pounds total. I've gained more than that since graduating high school. I'd hate her if I didn't want to stuff her in my purse and make her be my best friend.

Speaking of best friends, [ profile] expatiates is so my hero. *hugs her in a suggestive manner* Ed Helms is in the new issue of Geek Monthly (see?!) and it apparently doesn't exist anywhere within my vicinity. So I texted her all, "Mission impossible, bb!" and she was already at the mall. It was fucking destiny. Anyway, she scored me a copy and now I have to, like, reciprocate her score or something. Whatever I do, it'll be fucking rad. TRACEYS ARE REAL.

Also, for anyone who's still as distressed and pissed off about the writers' strike as I am, Michael Schur - writer, co-executive producer and Cousin Mose of The Office - offers a ridiculously easy way to show your support for the WGA and its members.
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Angela and Jenna are, without a doubt, the most adorable BFFs in the history of the world. Angela posted a blog and talked about her pregnancy, and this part almost made me flail out of my chair:

Oh and I asked Jenna to go to prenatal yoga with me so don't get the wrong idea. She is just being a supportive friend. And between her bad back and my belly, it is the perfect workout!


♥ ♥ ♥

ETA - This article from Forbes, re: the writers' strike, is upping my mood as well.
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Some potentially awesome news on an otherwise craptastic Monday:

As the WGA strike begins its 4th week, I've been told positive news about today's resumption of contract talks between the writers and the producers. So positive, in fact, that I'm almost fearful to post it. But here goes: a very reliable source tells me that there appears to be a deal seemingly in place between both sides.

The whole blog is here. Nikki Finke's a reliable source, so I'm optimistic.

There may be an Angela/Dwight/Andy mystery baby caper after all! XD
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So tonight's the last episode of The Office for an indefinite amount of time and I have to admit that it is completely killing me. I've grown to love each and every character, and it's upsetting that I don't know when I'm going to see them again. My hope is that, when the show returns, it returns with the members of the WGA receiving the new media residuals they deserve. Until then I'll sit here, pathetic and heartbroken, watching this video on repeat and crying like a little bitch.

Better Days )

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This a great video for anyone who is still confused as to why the writers are on strike.

"A tribute to the heroes of the AMPTP, who continue to soldier on in the face of almost unimaginable financial confusion."

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From United Hollywood:

Additionally, I've been told that Steve Carell informed NBC he is unable to report to work because he is suffering from “enlarged balls.” Not just enlarged, I'd say, but brass ones. The source on this one adds, "We wish him a happy, slow recovery."


I wonder if Rainn Wilson called in sick with Hot Dog Fingers.
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Yay! My "Support The Rabid" bracelet arrived! Granted, it's no longer topical. Unless... there a way to make "rabid" synonymous with "writers"? It's not impossible. Rabies causes you to foam at the mouth and Mindy Kaling makes me drool a little. It could work!

Also, check out the new header in my profile! I love those crazy kids. ♥
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01. I have the day off and it's raining and I'm without a car. Incredibly, I'm in quite the chipper mood.

02. I made icons in support of the WGA Strike here and now I'm taking requests for more here.

03. Hey, paid users - are you bitches ready for COMMENT EDITING?
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Ed Helms and Office writer Gene Stupnitsky (or something to that effect, lol) taking one for the WGA.

I am officially (and inappropriately) turned on right now.


I wanna be a part of the Office family, damn it. Actual families just don't love and support each other this much, lol. Seriously, all I've wanted to do all day is gather BJ, Mindy, Paul and the rest of the writers and give them a big hug.

PS: Word on the street is that Conan's going to make his way to Rockefeller, guitar in hand, in support of the WGA. Why don't I live in NYC again? GET ON THIS SHIT, DEPACE!
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As much as I'm going to miss my shows when they're out of new episodes, I'm really proud of them for standing by their writers. That Greg Daniels immediately shut down production for The Office, one of NBC Universal's greatest sources of revenue, is fantastic. Word on the street is that cast and crew are picketing on the set.

Daniels Pickets 'Office' Production

Their solidarity gives me the warm fuzzies. So does this:

In related news, the strike may have caused its first casualty with Tim Kring.


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