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I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for these and they're finally here!

+ a bunch more )

Marry me, Ed Helms. I promise I won't two-time you with your office frenemy, and I'll definitely sleep with you more than twice. I'll celebrate each of our anniversaries by posing in naughty photos with your favorite banjo. Fudgie the Whale will become a household staple. I'll learn to love A Capella!
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On October 19th Ed Helms left a message on my voice mail. Later that month I made Angela Kinsey LOL and won prizes for doing so.

Tonight? My name showed up in Jenna Fischer's blog.

She blogged a few weeks back, asking for fan questions. I submitted one and she totally answered it!

How does it feel having Pam away from Dunder Mifflin? Are there any in-office moments you wish she had been around for? - Sarah Bee from Rhode Island

I HATED being away! I whined about it all the time. John was really nice. He could relate because he had to do those episodes in Stamford during Season 3. He listened to me go on and on about how I missed everyone. I'm so happy Pam is back!

I am mostly bummed I didn't get to work more with Amy Ryan. She is such a talented and sweet woman. I wish I was there the day she and Steve did their "Let's Get Ethical" routine.

*pees a little*

I'm so glad she mentioned Amy Ryan. I would have loved to have seen quality Pam and Holly time. I think they could have been allies in the Dunder Mifflin War on Crazy.
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I can has a voicemail message from Ed Helms on my phone?


[ profile] aprilbegins is a goddess. ♥


Jul. 22nd, 2008 01:13 am
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Ed Helms was on The Daily Show talking about his boner and it was AWESOME.
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Do you know what today is? It's Don't Step on a Bee Day! So if you happen to see me walking through Target tonight, please don't squash me.

Ed Helms was on the final hour of Today and he was as fabulously dorky as ever! Usually, I'd mention needing a lot LESS of Kathy Lee Gifford, but after she walked by me and [ profile] expatiates in NYC, I kind of feel like we have a bond.

Anyway, have some video:

He's going to be on tonight's Conan. I've got my fingers crossed for another bad ass musical number.
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how i met your mother )

Also, this little piece of information from Jenna's newest blog kills me a little:

Creed is such a great guy...he plays guitar on set and even wrote a lullaby with Ed Helms for Angela's baby...I think you will see that pop up soon on the Adventures with Angela site at

Damn it. I want a lullaby written by Creed and Ed. Baby Kinsey is the luckiest damn kid EVERRR.
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Here, enjoy eyes of the unbelievably blue variety.

And one more for the road...

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This icon is the best thing to come from the Harold and Kumar 2 trailor.

The second best thing?


I will never get tired of that image.
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Reply to this post and I'll pick seven of your interests for you to explain in your journal. Post this with your explanations so others can join the explaining fun!

[ profile] umeedmerchant asked about the following:

1. news anchor kinks - There's something about the polished appearance and gravitas of a news anchor (both genuine and fake) that genuinely lights a fire within. I can't really explain it any further. Brian Williams on SNL broke my brain.

2. rediscovering unfinished projects - Every now and then I'll come across some unfinished craft project that I had tossed aside for whatever reason. Usually, just happening across it is enough to reignite interest in finishing it.

3. enviga - Enviga is a sparkling green tea energizer that I drink when it's too hot for coffee. (I'm not a fan of iced coffee.)

4. pop century resort - The Pop Century Resort is the hotel of choice for when [ profile] expatiates and I jet down to Disneyworld. Each building within the resort represents a different decade - the 50's through the 90's - and is decorated with gigantic pop culture sculptures pertaining to each one. I took some photos during one of our visits. You can see them here.

5. lonesome trio - Lonesome Trio is a bluegrass band featuring Ed Helms. Their website is here. Ed is the vocalist on "All Gone To Hell".

6. johnson & wales university - JWU is the university I dropped out of late last year. I actually should have deleted this from my interests, lol.

7. kendall payne - Kendall Payne is a musician I saw/met during Lilith Fair '99. I enjoy her music, despite its Christian/inspirational genre. The lyrics are subtle enough for this secular girl to enjoy. ;)
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I feel like whenever I have a super shitty day the next day is always Fandom to the Rescue Day. It's like they know I could use something to flail over. Am I alone in this?

Anyway, to the subject of my flailing:

OMG BELLY. Angela is seriously the most adorable pregnant woman ever. She's going to be one of those gals who gains, like, 20 pounds total. I've gained more than that since graduating high school. I'd hate her if I didn't want to stuff her in my purse and make her be my best friend.

Speaking of best friends, [ profile] expatiates is so my hero. *hugs her in a suggestive manner* Ed Helms is in the new issue of Geek Monthly (see?!) and it apparently doesn't exist anywhere within my vicinity. So I texted her all, "Mission impossible, bb!" and she was already at the mall. It was fucking destiny. Anyway, she scored me a copy and now I have to, like, reciprocate her score or something. Whatever I do, it'll be fucking rad. TRACEYS ARE REAL.

Also, for anyone who's still as distressed and pissed off about the writers' strike as I am, Michael Schur - writer, co-executive producer and Cousin Mose of The Office - offers a ridiculously easy way to show your support for the WGA and its members.
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That photo is exactly what you think it. BJ Novak with a monkey. Apparently, he was at some party thrown by College Humor and everyone had to pose for holiday photos with Santa Monkey. Two more under the cut. I'm not sure who the overgrown four-year-old is, but he's cute I guess. And I see that BJ is not too warm in a long-sleeved tee. That boy is getting exponentially better looking. Mmmm. Click the damn cut already! )

Here are a couple of those username-generated memes going around.

The Twelve Days of Livejournal )

My New Year's Resolutions )

I can't believe my true love gave me five Blake Lewises before I was able to overcome my secret fear of him. How inconsiderate! On the other hand, I have always wanted ten Ed Helms a-leaping. Yay me!
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Because there are things that do NOT make my super bitch powers flare up, here is a list of things that make me happy.

01. making money on ebay
01a. knowing that I have a movie on VHS that is auctioning for $40-50.

02. Starbucks' toasted marshmallow mocha

03. fancy new linkage in my layout's sidebar

04. Ed Helms in Walk Hard:


05. Fetus Kinsey (tm [ profile] aprilbegins)


07. my current mood theme icon. Arrr!
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Does anyone else think Angela looks a little WITH CHILD in this photo? Am I losing my mind?

ETA - Everyone look at my nerd nasty BFF, Ed Helms!

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Ed Helms and Office writer Gene Stupnitsky (or something to that effect, lol) taking one for the WGA.

I am officially (and inappropriately) turned on right now.


I wanna be a part of the Office family, damn it. Actual families just don't love and support each other this much, lol. Seriously, all I've wanted to do all day is gather BJ, Mindy, Paul and the rest of the writers and give them a big hug.

PS: Word on the street is that Conan's going to make his way to Rockefeller, guitar in hand, in support of the WGA. Why don't I live in NYC again? GET ON THIS SHIT, DEPACE!
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So some of you know that I often covet the wardrobe of one Ms. Angela Kinsey because we're both petite gals and she always manages to find clothes that make her look neither miniature nor five years old. It's unlikely that I'll ever own much of what she wears because her paycheck is just a wee bit larger than mine. So, imagine my surprise (and complete and utter fucking delight) when I happened upon this top...

(Oh hey, Ed Helms!)

...on the 50% discount rack at Target!

OMG I own a piece of Angela's wardrobe. My heart is soaring with the eagle's nest, you guys.

oh, d!

Oct. 28th, 2007 12:37 am
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This photo is the absolute epitome of adorable.

Also, here's video of Ed performing "Werewolves of Scranton" with The Scrantones.

I am SO shelling out the appropriate funds for next year's convention.
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Angela Martin/Kinsey is the luckiest gal alive.
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Ed Helms was on Conan last night. Fans of Les Mis may be particularly interested in watching.

I don't get the anger over people not understanding why other people didn't like last night's episode of The Office. There are more than a few things I didn't like about it myself, and I don't see how that should affect another person's enjoyment of it. Good gravy, people. It's a TV show, not a religion. Or a profiting cult.
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[ profile] leucocrystal posted a pictorial, here, regarding the Malibu Triathlon. Her focus was clearly on David Duchovny, and, really, who can blame her? Because MRAWWR! Still, my focus is clearly on my two Dunder Mifflin men, Ed Helms and David Denman. There's one photo of David zipping up Ed's wet suit. I defy you to not dirty up your mind with that scenario.

The only thing that could have made that post better would have been a wet congratulatory post-swim man hug. Amirite?!

Shit. I totally need to call Tuna and tell him how horny I am right now. Think he'll hook me up with Kelly?


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