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I will do wonderfully perverse things to whoever can hook me up with this issue of Rolling Stone:

Rhode Island is apparently in the habit of dealing book stores and newsstands four issues of any given magazine per town, so it's nearly impossible for me to find. One of you must have a copy collecting dust on your coffee table that you wouldn't mind giving away to little ol' me.

ETA - [ profile] hearthisvoice is all up in my day-saving! \o/
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I got bored.


See the rest here!

I still still need help with, btw. D:
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Rent Extension: Hit Show Will Close Sept. 7

I might be able to make it to a show after all. Yay!

I have a question. Anytime I try to make an embeddable music chart for my profile, I get this:
Woah! Slow down there!

You haven't listened to enough music to get a chart yet.

Then it links me to the help page, but I can't find anything regarding minimum listend-to tracks. HELP A BEYOTCH OUT, PLZ.
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Is anyone else having problems doing basically anything on livejournal? Earlier today it took me 20 tries to get my default icon uploaded and now I can't customize my layout. I paste in the CSS, hit 'save changes' and...nothing. It loads for about a decade and then switches to a blank window.

I want my pretty new layout, damn it. Clearly, eljay doesn't want me as its Valentine. :(

Also, I'm not a huge fan of chick flicks, but I kind of really want to see Definitely, Maybe because Ryan Reynolds is ridiculously good-looking and I'd watch him read War & Peace on Book TV. Seriously, that is too much hot for one Canadian. MROWWR.
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Here is my last attempt at scoring any missing members of the Sarah Bee Army of Champions. Shit, I don't even care if you participate; just sign up so I'll have the right number of employees, lol.

*bats lashes*
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The Sarah Bee Army of Champions is still short on its 15-employee minimum. I really want to manage a branch for The Office's online competition that I know nothing about, so if you want to pimp this post to friends who haven't signed up yet, feel free. Beer me some employees!

Woonsocket's a great place for Dunder Mifflin. It's full of history and almost never floods. Also? No bears.
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I signed up to be the regional manager for Dunder Mifflin's Woonsocket, RI branch on DMI. [ profile] expatiates is my trusty Assistant to the Regional Manager. Why wouldnt you want to join?

In order to confirm your branch selection you must hire a minimum of fifteen (15) employees. Here is your unique Branch Hiring Code that you can give to prospective employees in order to hire them directly for your branch:


IMPORTANT: Make sure your prospective employees choose the same branch city as you!

Seeing as I'm probably the only Office fan in RI, I don't think there will be too much competition. Still, feel free to apply for my branch with the code above.

Bold and gruntled employees welcome!

icon help.

Jun. 6th, 2007 07:57 pm
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Does anyone know how to create the effect in the icon I'm using? I tried cheating by cutting and pasting a selection on to a background, but it looks jagged and shitty.

If someone could provide a tutorial (PSP translatable!) I'd appreciate it.


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