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You guys, my dreams from 2004 are finally starting to come true!

What do Mary J. Blige, Clay Aiken and Elvis Costello have in common? All three are the latest celebs to make cameos on “30 Rock.” According to a spy, the trio was on the show’s set Wednesday, hanging out with Tina Fey and company. “They were psyched to meet Tina,” our insider reports. “But it was Alec Baldwin who had everyone cracking up — that guy is hilarious!”

Pardon me while I dust off Measure of a Man, don my power beads and flail about this in my lime green clam-shell iMac notebook. OMFG.

Also, he's presenting at this year's GLAAD Awards. What a good panda. <3
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Seriously, I am so not the Liz Lemon I thought I was. Sure, I've got great hair, look fierce in specs, strip at corporate events and spent my youth as an unintentional bitch, but that's apparently where the comparisons end. Why aren't I getting regular hot beef injections from ridiculously handsome men?


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I haven't been talking about tv too much lately (outside of "OMFG JON HAMM ON 30 ROCK LET'S COUNT DOWN THE SECONDS," all of which can be found at [ profile] hamm_daily *pimp pimp*), but special episodes call for special circumstances.

the office - stress relief )
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Did Meredith's sweater vest look familiar to anyone?


And remember, ladies, Andy Bernard was mine first. I will fight you all.

I totally called the last five seconds of 30 Rock, btw. It's happened to nearly everyone I work with.
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I just saw a promo for 30 Rock. Why didn't I know the angry elf was going to be Liz Lemon's new boy toy? \o/

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THE UNDIES HAVE LANDED. I spent the afternoon parading around in my penguin-print boyshorties (you know you're all upset about missing THAT). I joked with my mom about wearing the tuxedo thong for New Year's Eve, and she seemed genuinely concerned that it was all I'd be wearing, lol. It would bring in more customers. ;)

I wrongly assumed Jon Hamm would be in tonight's 30 Rock. What's a lady's version of being blue balled? I loved seeing Not Stephanie March Diane Neal, though. The new district attorney on SVU has me missing Casey Novak more and more.

I think tonight's The Office was total awesome sauce. God bless Michael for mentioning both TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory. I too have bought $9 pants at each store.
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01. On an unusually warm, rainy morning, I get into my car, turn on the radio and hear "Sleigh Bells."

...the fuck?!

I'm not complaining. I've spent the last week and a half stuffing my iPod like a Thanksgiving turkey with songs of holiday cheer. Still, I doubt the majority of Rhode Island is as hopelessly in love with the holidays as I am right now. We've been in a recession longer than most of the country, our unemployment rate for September was 8.8% - the highest in the country! - and the governor wants to do away with our state income tax. Christmastime is bringing NO ONE joy. So, 101.5 FM, bring me back my golden oldies, please, before you give someone road rage and my car's back bumper pays the price.

02. I'm excited for The Office tonight. I'm even more excited to see my personal deity, Oprah, on 30 Rock. I'm triple-word-score excited over the news that George Clooney is returning to ER. It's been too, too long since I've seen the man in scrubs. OH LORDY GODDAMN. *falls over*

03. My President-Elect is fucking awesome. My VP-Elect is a total VPOTUSILF. Politics just got 100% more dirrty.
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I don't care if this is considered spoileresque information. SOMETHING LIKE THIS IS TOO GRAND TO BE LEFT BEHIND AN LJ-CUT.

Exclusive: '30 Rock' Goes 'Mad' for Jon Hamm

Warning: This next story may make you pee your pants.

TV's best comedy and drama are about to collide in the most spectacular of ways.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Mad Men star Jon Hamm is in advanced talks to do a multi-episode arc on 30 Rock.

Cross your legs -- there's more!

I'm told Hamm, who presumably got bit by the 30 Rock bug last week while hosting Saturday Night Live, would be playing a potential love interest for Tina Fey. Word is he's Liz's neighbor.

Although Hamm's deal isn't done, my Rock-solid mole assures me that it's happening.

Okay, go make your business now.

OMFGSTFU.*falls over*
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"Boy to the World" remains one of the saddest hours in Ally McBeal history. As perfect an episode as it is, with its flawless blend of ridiculous humor and heartbreaking reality, it still hurts to watch. Wilson Cruz was amazing.

So, yeah. I'm getting my Ally McBeal on. I'm in love all over again. I miss having an on-screen female oddity to relate to. Liz Lemon is a superb facsimile, for sure, but Ally had an extra dash of absurdity that I grabbed hold of and loved. She's the original hot mess, and it sucks that she now only exists in overpriced import boxed sets. And torrents.

Also, the chemistry between Ally and John, both as co-workers and meant-to-be oddball couple, still warms me. Skipper and The Biscuit = ♥


This was supposed to be a potpourri post, but I was clearly overtaken by my renewed love for this show.

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God, I love Mindy's episodes.

The Office - Night Out )

I haven't watched Ugly Betty yet and 30 Rock has kind of been bumming me out lately. I just don't think it's been that great post-strike.
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28 icons from "MILF Island"


See the rest here @ [ profile] living_icons!
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I've missed my shows. More tomorrow when I regain the use of words.


Apr. 10th, 2008 02:16 pm
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Tonight. Tonight
Won't be just any night.
Tonight there will be no morning star.
Tonight. Tonight.
I'll see my love tonight
And for us, stars will stop where they are.

Or, you know, this...


Happy Lemon/Beesly Thursday!
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tv meme.

Feb. 4th, 2008 11:17 am
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Because I'm bored and wasting time before leaving for work, a meme!

Back in the Day: 5 TV Shows You Loved As A Kid
1. Small Wonder
2. Head of the Class
3. Supermarket Sweep (!!!)
4. Punky Brewster
5. Growing Pains

Who Would You Do?: 5 TV Characters You Would...Well, It's Self-Explanatory
1. Michael Bluth (Arrested Development)
2. Chuck Noblet, although I doubt he shares the feeling (Strangers With Candy)
3. Nathan Petrelli (Heroes)
4. Any and all employees of Dunder Mifflin
5. Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords)

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Andy, You're a Star - an Andy Bernard mix I posted the other day at [ profile] threehole_punch. Even if you're not into Andy/The Office, you should check it out because the stories (vignettes, maybe?) that go along with the songs are the closest I will ever get to writing fanfic.


I am ridiculously happy with the results of last night's SAG Awards. Another win for Tina! And she actually got to give a speech this time! I ♥ my nerdy little hat rack. I'm also really glad The Office won for best comedy ensemble. As much as I love 30 Rock, they excel in individual performances, whereas the cast of The Office is a well-oiled, unstoppable machine of chemistry (no matter how lackluster this season's been).

Also, this:

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

(btw, that cap is from the photobooth video here.)

Also, randomly, I kind of really fucking miss How I Met Your Mother.
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one-note golden globes reaction )

I support the strike fully, but the Golden Globes is the one award show I actually enjoy. Poor Jack Nicholson is probably swilling a bottle of wine with his reflection in the mirror. :(

ETA - Why did I lock this post? O.o
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Oh my fuck. NEED.

PS: Mama Bee's commandeered the tv so I have to wait until later for 30 Rock. Boo!
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Thursday night TV was spectacular on all fronts last night.

30 Rock )

The Office )

I never have much to say about Ugly Betty because it's one of those shows where I like to bask in the giggles and warm fuzzies without thinking too deeply about it. It's my comfort food of TV shows; although, it's a lot better for my heart than the microwavable "food" I scarfed down while watching it.
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I'm bummed that there was no 30 Rock this week, although that's one added episode for them to air during the writer's strike. Ugh, those are three of the most depressing words ever.


The Office )

Ugly Betty reminds me that I still need to see Wicked. (Relatedly, it should remind Wicked to come back to Providence.)


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