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IS MY DESKTOP NOT THE HOTTEST THING EVER? My loins are screaming for this movie to be released already; although, I'm hoping I'll be able to read the book beforehand.

PS: You can download the icon bar at Object Dock. It's maybe the most awesome thing ever.
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I finally took the initiative to go see a movie on my own. Huzzah!

Tropic Thunder was hilarious! I'm fairly certain this is the second time I've found a Ben Stiller movie funny. What's great about it was the equal amount of screen time everyone was given. I wasn't overwhelmed by Jack Black, and I never went through a Robert Downey Jr. withdrawal. He fucking OWNED this movie, btw. It really does an awesome job of portraying how offensive his character is supposed to be. He and (it kills me to say this) Tom Cruise got the most laughs from me. It was hard to keep tally, though, because I'm pretty sure I didn't stop laughing the entire two hours.

In other movie news, someone finally reuploaded Chaplin to the cinematic download community that shall not be named. I haven't seen that movie in years, but the resurgence of Robert Downey Jr. has had me craving to see it. It's still a fantastic bio-pic. He absolutely deserved his Oscar nomination. His ability to emote with just his eyes is incredible. My heart broke about 100 times.

Christcakes. Now I need to hunt down his episodes of Ally McBeal so I can swoon my face off.
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Pineapple Express was so funny, you guys! Its humor is definitely more on the side of Superbad than 40-Year-Old Virgin. There's no underlying message within the plot, which is how I most enjoy my comedy. It's basically a stoner bromance film, and James Franco was fucking hysterical. If you're a fan of the Apatow Gang, then you should absolutely see this movie. I'm pretty sure it's released next Friday.

Speaking of Pineapple Express, next week's guest list for The Daily Show was released:

Mo 8/4: Dennis Hopper
Tu 8/5: Seth Rogen
We 8/6: Sen. Chuck Schumer
Th 8/7: David Gregory

I am totally going to be in the same room as Seth Rogen! [ profile] touchthesky, I don't know if this helps in your decision, but I'll be at this show if I have to go alone, lol. I love that furry, furry man.
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Suck it, Twilight. \m/
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Hey! Here's the trailer for Threat Level: Midnight Get Smart.

This already looks better than Evan Almighty, although the lack of Ed Helms may devastate me.

The Holiday

May. 5th, 2007 08:36 pm
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I just watched The Holiday with my mom. It was a cute movie, and I totally forgot Mr. John Krasinski makes an appearance in it. I maybe let out a squee.

Mom: What was that about?
Me: Mom, it's Jiiiiiim!
Mom: O.o

The movie itself was nice, and I'm impressed with myself for not punching a hole in the TV at the sight of Cameron Diaz. Also, Jack Black? Not terrible! I usually find him obnoxious and unbearable, but I genuinely liked him in this. He was subtle and human. It was a nice change. Kate Winslet continues to make me question my orientation. Jude Law continues to remedy any confusion.

So anyway. Yes, adorable movie.


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