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My lap top died again while I was listening to Kelly's new album (yay for leaks!). Fuck my LIIIFE.

For the record, I kind of hate what they did with "Ready" - the demo version kicks its ass. It makes me a little less sad that "Close Your Eyes" didn't make the album.

I really need some Kelly icons, yes?

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My laptop. It has the death. :(

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*cries forever*
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For some reason, I can't access my external hard drive. I've gone through every troubleshooting option available, and I can't get the little fucker to work.

I'm going to be SO PISSED if I can't fix this. Blerg. :(

ETA - I really wish troubleshooting guides would start including "unplug and then plug back in" as an option. It would save people like me a lot of headaches, lol. *is an ass*
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From the NY Times blog:

Mr. Silverman noted that “The Office” has a “huge ensemble” of actors.

“We can’t even service some of these great actors and performers [on the original show], so it’s very likely you will see some of those actors on the spin-off,” he said.

Nooooo. Nononononononono. DO NOT WANT.

ETA - The aspect of shared writer and cross-over characters really bothers me. Wouldn't you rather have one great show instead of two mediocre ones? More and more, I'm feeling like there's a palpable end to The Office and it's depressing the hell out of me.

I sincerely hope that all of this leaves me shockingly and pleasantly surprised but I'm dubious.
themightybee: (The Office - Douchebaggery) - Full NBC schedule takes shape - The Office Spin-Off - NBC showcases Greg Daniels' 'THE OFFICE' and his new 'OFFICE' spin-off in coveted post-Superbwol time slot

NBC announced today that the most coveted time period of the coming season, the post Super Bowl slot, will be used to launch a spinoff of the network's hit comedy series, "The Office." Immediately following NBC Sports' coverage of Super Bowl XLIII, the network will first present an original episode of "The Office," followed by the debut of the new Greg Daniels comedy. The Super Bowl has been perennially the biggest television event of the broadcast season and was watched this year by a total audience of more than 148 million viewers. Giving this new series that coveted premiere slot will afford the show tremendous sampling from all demographic groups.

Greg Daniels, Executive Producer of "The Office," said, "Who would have ever thought that Americans would be subjected to a mock-documentary after the Superbowl? What has happened to this country?"

I mean, yeah it's not the bullshit Dwight-gets-his-own-show rumors that were floating around late last year, but does NBC really think they're going to be able to conjure up another Office-esque show? And are they really willing to exhaust Greg Daniels & Crew by attempting to do so? I really don't want a decrease in quality so that Zucker can further profit off of The Office. Remember the hour-longs? Yeah, not the show's best work.

I know nothing about this and I'm already willing to boycott the fuck out of it, lol. Because this is WAY more important than Livejournal shenanigans.
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I hate TMZ regardless, but I find them especially heinous when they offer news I really don't want to hear. Like this:

TMZ has learned that Britney Spears is prepping for a small guest part on CBS's hit "How I Met Your Mother."

Our sources tell us that Brit's agent Jason Trawick from William Morris made the deal with producers on the show. One source called it "a small legitimate project that will keep her busy doing something." We're told it's not long term and her dad -- her conservator -- is down with it and has signed off.

Pink is the New Blog, who first reported the story, says Brit Brit is scheduled to appear on an upcoming episode.

"How I Met Your Mother" is a FOX show produced for CBS. The show is "on the bubble" a biz term for getting 86'd and producers think this is just the gimmick they need.

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Patrick Swayze confirms he has cancer.

Swazye was diagnosed with the cancer more than a month ago.

The average life expectancy is six to nine months, with only 4 percent of patients live more than five years.

DUDE. ;_;

ETA - This report from sounds considerably less tragic:

"Patrick has a very limited amount of disease and he appears to be responding well to treatment thus far," Dr. George Fisher says in a statement. "All of the reports stating the time frame of his prognosis and his physical side effects are absolutely untrue. We are considerably more optimistic."
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Jesse L. Martin is leaving Law & Order

I'm so sad! I already hate that Jack McCoy doesn't get to hang out in the court room anymore. And now my second favorite detective (beaten only by Jerry Orbach's Briscoe) is going bye-bye.


Dear cast of SVU - None of you are allowed to leave. Ever. Unless you're Detective Lake. I wouldn't be sad to see you MIA. But the rest of you? STAY WHERE YOU ARE.
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dear flist -


love and death glares,

It's an enormous loss of talent. It should also go without saying that I feel for any child who's just lost a father, and there's added sadness in knowing that she probably won't have any memories of him. So so sad.

I'm gonna go marathon A Knight's Tale and cry copious tears.



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