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Steve Carell was on Leno last night and they showed a preview clip from next week's episode.

Watch it. Watch it now!

Did I really just watch a NEW clip from The Office? Be still my heart.

You can watch Steve's whole interview here. Oh, and John Krasinski is Conan's first guest tonight! I'm going to DVR and save it so I can watch it with my bff, [ profile] expatiates. Yay!
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From United Hollywood:

Additionally, I've been told that Steve Carell informed NBC he is unable to report to work because he is suffering from “enlarged balls.” Not just enlarged, I'd say, but brass ones. The source on this one adds, "We wish him a happy, slow recovery."


I wonder if Rainn Wilson called in sick with Hot Dog Fingers.
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Okay, so The Office I watched last night is The Office I know and love. Hooray!

Limitless paper in a paperless world. )

Anyone see Steve Carell on Rachael Ray this morning?! LOVE HIM. I also saw Angela, Brian, Craig, Phyllis, Bobby Ray and Leslie on Today. What up, Office Convention?!
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Behold my icon, for it is kittens and puppies and unicorn magic all in one. I luff you, Kenneth! ♥

Speaking of icons, I made some! Unlike most of the crap I schlock out to you all (with love, of course), I kind of put some effort into these. I even included text! I NEVER USE TEXT. :O

The rest are here for all interested parties. :D

John Krasinski and Steve Carell together at a hockey game is the most adorable thing ever, y/y? AND YOU KNOW THEY WERE THERE FOR THE BRUINS. WHAT UP, LOCAL BOYS?!

(Have I ever mentioned my theory about John's time at Brown? Well, he was at Brown the same time I was in high school, 1999-2002, and I had a friend whose mom lived in the College Hill section of Providence. Where Brown is. I was there A LOT and I'm convinced that I've probably stepped on a piece of gum he spit on the sidewalk or was, like, two aisles down from him at the Store 24 on Thayer Street. I don't know why I think about this shit, but I do. And I'm crazy.)

I still have to make my TV post but all of the effort it would take to type it all out is being wasted on this nonsensical post. Oops? Maybe tomorrow.
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This (incredibly hi-res) photo brings me to my happy place:

Stephen loves Steve thiiiiis much! ♥

I don't have the energy to upload and post the billions of photos I've right-clicked and saved, so here's a bunch of links.

[ profile] andy_chronicles has a bunch of Ed (and his belt buckle!) here.

[ profile] i_get_it_, who doesn't yet realize she's my new best friend, has posted ridiculous amounts of amazing hi-res photos throughout Livejournal Land. She's offered up photos for the casts of The Office, 30 Rock and Flight of the Conchords. (Yes, that is Jemaine undressing you with his disgustingly blue eyes. asgddagag.)
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Now that I've proclaimed my love for Jenna, John and their respective bows, here's a general Emmy picspam. If you're not a fan of The Office, The Daily Show or The Colbert Report, then you probably won't care about this post.

I am so bedazzling my WristStrong bracelet.

Emmys 2007 - The Good, The Funny and The OMG BJ Novak's Drunk Again! )
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This moment owned my ass last night:


I'm still bummed that The Office only won awards for writing and camera-editing, but I'm not so sad that they lost to 30 Rock. Maybe I would be if they hadn't won last year? I'm just happy that people know 30 Rock exists.
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I'm giving my Emmy predictions now because I'm bored and my hair is marinating in hair dye. I'm only focusing on the comedy categories because I only watch one drama, and for some reason, the one person I wanted to be nominated, Jack Motherfucking Coleman, was overlooked by sentimental favorite, Masi Oka. (Whyyy, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences? Whyyyyyyyyyyy?!) This is where my cynicism kicks in. I'm completely expecting NONE of my favorites to win. TWoP is pretty much expecting the same.

Here are the people i want to win. These are probably the people who won't win.

And the winner is...WHO?! )

Also, I'm not sure if I want Stephen Colbert to win Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program, or if I'd rather see Tony Bennett win it and have Stephen experience faux rage for a full week. Either would be pretty sweet.

emmy news.

Sep. 14th, 2007 02:07 pm
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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are presenting the award for Male in a Comedy. If Steve Carell doesn't win I'm going to shit a brick.
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So, the "SC" on [ profile] mindyephron? Not Steve Carell. There goes my fantasy of being tasered by Brick.

But, hey! In much better news...the official Dunder Mifflin website is up. This part of the press release kills me:
(Regarding Ryan's move to corporate) "I can't begin to tell you how much I'm going to miss that little guy," said Michael Scott, Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin — Scranton and self-described "mentor, guardian, and best friend" of Howard. "He's got a face that can charm the pants off of anyone."


Also, I seriously need the Dunder Mifflin hoodie. It'll keep me warm and comfy during safety training and coal walks.
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It seems as if Mindy Kaling's Fabulous Shopping Blog has a new contributor named "SC". This new contributor made his first post today, pimping his favorite brand of tasers!
I love my fans - God bless 'em, I wouldn't be where I am without 'em. But an unfortunate aspect of being in the public eye is that occasionally, you get confronted by the screwball who's just a little too aggressive. Fortunately, there's a vast array of non-lethal weaponry which gives me that extra feeling of security when I'm walking down the street. Of course you never want to use this stuff - but it's nice to know you have it.

There is absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind that "SC" is none other than Steve Carell.



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