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It's official. I have thicker thighs than John Krasinski. Goddamn, boy. Eat a burger!

Also, I'm in the midst of downloading the first season of Gossip Girl. I blame every single one of you. Whether you love it or hate it, your non-stop chatter has got me all, "MUST HAVE OPINION." Don't worry, though. All the peer pressure in the world won't get me to read Twilight. I'd rather give my vag a root canal.

OMG modern lit final at 4. *pees*
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He's talented, he's musical, he's hotter than hell...and he's politically aware.

Women set Democratic fund-raiser

More then 50 women in the entertainment industry have organized an event to raise money for eight Democratic U.S. Senate candidates on Sept. 27, with a lineup of performances by Martin Short, Jennifer Garner and Larry David, among others.


The event, to be held at the home of Lona Williams and David O'Connor, will be hosted by Short and include performances by David, Paul Shaffer, Garner, Catherine O'Hara, Jenifer Lewis and Marc Shaiman. Guests also will include Diane Keaton, Jason Bateman, John Krasinski and Jurnee Smollett.


And with that, I'm taking my tired ass to bed. Night, chickadees!
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I would let that grizzly attack my camp site. I'm just sayin'.
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Because it's supposed to rain on Friday, the Death Cab show is being moved indoors to the Meehan Auditorium at Brown U.

Now, with John Krasinski filming his movie in Connecticut, is it a real stretch to think he might make an appearance at his alma mater to catch up with his BFF, Ben Gibbard?

C'mon. Feed my delusions!
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JKras was on Rachael Ray this morning, looking disgustingly hot in what I'm pretty sure is my pink shirt...

...and mentioned that the spin-off for The Office is more of a "From the guys who brought you The Office" sort of deal. That makes me super happy; although, I was really starting to look forward to the antics of The Office: SVUtica.

Also, if you're not a member of [ profile] office_meta you really should be. I love it more than chocolate turtles (of course, if I'm being honest, I'm not sure I've ever actually eaten a chocolate turtle).

ETA - [ profile] iwant_sprinkles posted the ADORABLEST videos of Steve and John with Angela. Watch them here @ [ profile] angela_kinsey. *pimps*
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Steve Carell was on Leno last night and they showed a preview clip from next week's episode.

Watch it. Watch it now!

Did I really just watch a NEW clip from The Office? Be still my heart.

You can watch Steve's whole interview here. Oh, and John Krasinski is Conan's first guest tonight! I'm going to DVR and save it so I can watch it with my bff, [ profile] expatiates. Yay!
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I got bored.


See the rest here!

I still still need help with, btw. D:
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That sweater is illegal in 23 states.
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Here's a snippet from John Krasinski's mini-interview with Women's Health:

How can a woman tell when a man is head-over-heels in love with her?
A friend might say he doesn't feel like going to a party. Then he hears that Sarah or whoever's going to be there. Suddenly he gets up off the couch, stretches, and says, "Oh, I guess I'll go." No matter what a guy says, if he shows up at all the places you're at, he's hooked.

Hear that, bitches? JKras can't get my name unstuck from his brain.

*does the 'neener neener poo poo' dance*

I watched Heroes. I don't feel like talking about it right now. SO THERE.
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Hopefully, copies of these without Perez's MS Paint jiz will be available ASAP.
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Behold my icon, for it is kittens and puppies and unicorn magic all in one. I luff you, Kenneth! ♥

Speaking of icons, I made some! Unlike most of the crap I schlock out to you all (with love, of course), I kind of put some effort into these. I even included text! I NEVER USE TEXT. :O

The rest are here for all interested parties. :D

John Krasinski and Steve Carell together at a hockey game is the most adorable thing ever, y/y? AND YOU KNOW THEY WERE THERE FOR THE BRUINS. WHAT UP, LOCAL BOYS?!

(Have I ever mentioned my theory about John's time at Brown? Well, he was at Brown the same time I was in high school, 1999-2002, and I had a friend whose mom lived in the College Hill section of Providence. Where Brown is. I was there A LOT and I'm convinced that I've probably stepped on a piece of gum he spit on the sidewalk or was, like, two aisles down from him at the Store 24 on Thayer Street. I don't know why I think about this shit, but I do. And I'm crazy.)

I still have to make my TV post but all of the effort it would take to type it all out is being wasted on this nonsensical post. Oops? Maybe tomorrow.
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Now that I've proclaimed my love for Jenna, John and their respective bows, here's a general Emmy picspam. If you're not a fan of The Office, The Daily Show or The Colbert Report, then you probably won't care about this post.

I am so bedazzling my WristStrong bracelet.

Emmys 2007 - The Good, The Funny and The OMG BJ Novak's Drunk Again! )
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I know there are people who didn't like the bow on Jenna's dress and thought J.Kras looked like a little boy in his tux. I wonder how they'd feel about the two outfits converging into one...

Bow swap ftw!

Personally, I thought they both looked great. I'm usually not a fan of the tux; bow ties irk me in a way I could never explain. I thought John looked amazing, though. He's so long...and lean...and...and - *gets explodey* As for Jenna, she could show up in recycled plastic bags and sod and it would only, somehow, make my crush grow.

ETA - In case you happen to not belong to the eleventy billion communities I x-posted to, I made some Emmy icons here.
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I've often said that I should never be left to my own devices. Here is one of the many reasons why.

I suppose I'm not too brainless. I knew nothing about customization yesterday, and now I've got a shiny, new layout. I'm clearly trainable, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to be pee in the wrong spots every now and then. (Worst analogy ever, yes?) There are still a few things I'd like to do, but it's 1:30 AM and my eyes are barely staying open.

But before I go...

Yes, that is a barely legal John Krasinski, circa 2000, as a fresh-faced NBC intern.
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It's a promo shot of John Krasinski from A New Wave, which was made a bajillion years ago, I think. Apparently, it's being released on DVD. It doesn't look like anything I'd be interested in seeing. A reclined and stretched out J.Kras is satisfying enough for me.
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John Krasinski and I have something in common, y'all.
There were so many great books I read growing up. I was always a HUGE fan of all things Roald Dahl. Every book from James and the Giant Peach to The BFG to The Witches, nobody wrote more imaginative stories for kids. These worlds he created had the nonsensical appeal of Dr. Seuss, while at the same time, the characters were all written with wonderful complexities and enormous heart. It was a feast for any imagination! And with so many great books, short stories and poems to choose from, you could go on an adventure any day of the week!

I'm not surprised he's a Roald Dahl fan. I admit it makes me melt a little that we enjoyed the same books as kids. I was a Matilda girl myself (Miss Honey! ♥) but The BFG is another favorite. Actually, I think I most favored The Vicar of Nibbleswicke. I remember being quite impressed with myself when I was the only one in my fourth grade class who could pronounce the title of the book.
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My high school senior self would have totally boned his high school senior self.


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