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Birthdate:Feb 17
Location:United States of America

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30 rock, a fine frenzy, abba, adrian pasdar, anchorman, anderson cooper, andy bernard, angela kinsey, any guy/any other guy, argyle, arrested development, b.j. novak, baking, barack obama, basically anything awesome, bea arthur, bette midler, blake lewis, boston, boston brownstones, brain age, chantal kreviazuk, christina aguilera, coffee, conan o'brien, cooking, cooking mama, dead like me, devotchka, disney, dollar tree, dunkin donuts, ed helms, elf, enviga, epcot, evil dead: the musical, exit 17, fake news, finding nemo, flight of the conchords, fondue, foxboro hot tubs, francesca lia block, hairspray, helms/argyle, heroes, i love lucy, iced caramel macchiatos, in her shoes, jenna fischer, jennifer weiner, john krasinski, johnson & wales university, jon hamm, jon stewart, kate havnevik, kate nash, kathy griffin, kathy van zeeland, kelly clarkson, kendall payne, key west, kitsch, law & order, law & order: svu, lewis black, little shop of horrors, lollilove, lonesome trio, lyle lyle crocodile, mad men, marathoning tv shows, maude, mindy kaling, my four-legged furbabies, my morning coffee, nathan petrelli for congress, new york city, news anchor kinks, nintendo ds, office meta, passion iced tea lemonade, paul rudd, pixar, planning trips, pop century resort, rachael ray, rainn wilson, rediscovering unfinished projects, reebok classics, reefer madness, regina spektor, rent, researching hotels, retail therapy, roald dahl, rockefeller plaza at night, sarah mclachlan, saturday night live, scrubs, simon & garfunkel, sleeping late, snow white, sports night, springtime, starbucks, stephen colbert, stephen lynch, steve carell, strangers with candy, the 40-year-old virgin, the colbert report, the daily show, the fray, the killers, the lovely bones, the melting pot, the ocean, the office, the simpsons, the smell of rain, the wedding singer, the west wing, tim burton films, tina fey, tina fey's glasses, travel, ugly betty, wanderlust, will ferrell, wonderfalls, yard sales, zachary quinto

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