Jul. 22nd, 2008 01:13 am
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Ed Helms was on The Daily Show talking about his boner and it was AWESOME.
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Happy Valentine's Day! Whether or not you celebrate the day, know there's someone out there who thinks you're wonderfully fantastic and wishes you all the happiness in the world.

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No Monday night is complete without an a capella arrangement of Ben Folds' cover of Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg's "Bitches Ain't Shit."

Andy Bernard is practicing this right. now.

ETA - BJ Novak updated his blog! And it's longer than three sentences! Huzzah! Jackee!


Jan. 31st, 2008 07:33 am
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I love everything this video chooses to be.

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This is seriously one of the greatest Christmas performances ever. Anyone who can incorporate Toto into the Twelve Days of Christmas is automatically inducted into the FTW Hall of Fame.

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So tonight's the last episode of The Office for an indefinite amount of time and I have to admit that it is completely killing me. I've grown to love each and every character, and it's upsetting that I don't know when I'm going to see them again. My hope is that, when the show returns, it returns with the members of the WGA receiving the new media residuals they deserve. Until then I'll sit here, pathetic and heartbroken, watching this video on repeat and crying like a little bitch.

Better Days )

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OMG WATCH THIS VIDEO: Rainn Wilson, Sexiest Man Alive

The Office star likes his women tattooed and dangerous, and his men ... nerdy ("Masi Oka gets me really riled up!")

I have a tattoo, Rainn, and I'm SUPER dangerous when allowed behind the wheel of a car. DO ME, NERD LORD.
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This a great video for anyone who is still confused as to why the writers are on strike.

"A tribute to the heroes of the AMPTP, who continue to soldier on in the face of almost unimaginable financial confusion."

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Angela Martin/Kinsey is the luckiest gal alive.
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Ed Helms was on Conan last night. Fans of Les Mis may be particularly interested in watching.

I don't get the anger over people not understanding why other people didn't like last night's episode of The Office. There are more than a few things I didn't like about it myself, and I don't see how that should affect another person's enjoyment of it. Good gravy, people. It's a TV show, not a religion. Or a profiting cult.
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Watch this video and try not to pee yourself with excitement for the new season. (No spoilers!)
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Adrian Pasdar's YouTube account is quickly becoming my favorite thing ever. I have watched this video approximately eleventy billion times already.

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So, [ profile] sonjamillicent shared some of her favorite songs through the magic of YouTube and threatened virtual harm if the rest of us didn't do the same. Because I don't want to be cyber-shanked, I'm doing as she says.

Somehow, my list turned into a compilation of my favorite songs (and their weird as fuck videos) from the mostly-90's. It made me all nostalgic and shit. I almost want to smudge my eyeliner and draw sharpie doodles on my artfully torn jeans. Almost.

Nostalgia ahoy! )
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Wondering what the cast of The Office did over summer vacation? Well, NBC figured you were!

WARNING - Plot spoilers and gratuitous facial hair.

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This video is amazing and complementary of my layout.

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This may be my favorite Jim/Pam video EVER.

ETA - Actually, I lied. That's my second favorite Jim/Pam video. The Rainbow Connection will always be #1.
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You guys. Jemaine and I are so meant to be.

Oh, swoon! For the record, that is me circa 2002 with what looks like Jim Halpert's season one hair. And, no, I can't remember why I took a picture with my umbrella.

For those of you who still haven't checked out Flight of the Conchords, here's a short video from their 2005 HBO: One Night Stand special.

New episode tonight!

Also, I'm not sure what these photos are all about, but I'm really enjoying them!
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...and people want to hand over the hosting duties of the most irreverent, quirky late night talkshow to Jimmy Fucking Fallon? UGH.
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I'm excited, bitches. Is it September yet?


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