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I <3 making plans with my bff! I bought tickets to "An Evening with Angela Kinsey" at URI - info at [ profile] angela_kinsey! - and she's gonna try her damnedest to come with.

Also? K.Griff in June. It's happening.

My day has progressed nicely since the very hot, very full cup of coffee that was catapulted upon me this morning, lol.

ETA - My new KVZ! I picked it up yesterday:

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Threadless is having another $5-tshirt sale, and I've finally got enough money to participate. Huzzah!

My purchases:
- Everyone Poops
- Byebi
- So Lovely
- Where I Keep My Stuff
- Nerds 2² Ever
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Guess what's back?

Back again?'s 8 undies for $25 is back.

Tell a friend.

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This needs to be in my life. *starts saving tip monies*
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THE UNDIES HAVE LANDED. I spent the afternoon parading around in my penguin-print boyshorties (you know you're all upset about missing THAT). I joked with my mom about wearing the tuxedo thong for New Year's Eve, and she seemed genuinely concerned that it was all I'd be wearing, lol. It would bring in more customers. ;)

I wrongly assumed Jon Hamm would be in tonight's 30 Rock. What's a lady's version of being blue balled? I loved seeing Not Stephanie March Diane Neal, though. The new district attorney on SVU has me missing Casey Novak more and more.

I think tonight's The Office was total awesome sauce. God bless Michael for mentioning both TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory. I too have bought $9 pants at each store.
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I need this. I've got a collection of Taipei postcards that my grandfather had sent my grandmother, and they would look fabulous in that wall hanging. I'm sure I could save money and try to fashion one myself, but I am not that crafty.
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Because I've heard they're miracle workers, and I don't think a bajillion people (including Oprah!) would lie to me, I bought a Neti Pot! The SinuCleanse Nasal Wash System, Unbreakable Neti Pot With Salt Packets to be exact.
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Your layout wishes it could be my new layout.

[ profile] disadulation

Anyone else watching In Treatment? My mom and I have been marathoning it through On Demand and we're both hooked. The series centers around a psychologist named Paul (played by the disgustingly sexy Gabriel Byrne) and a handful of his patients. There is a new episode every. night, so you're actually presented with the patients' entire therapy process. Also, Josh Charles is in it and his character's all fringed and dickish. It's hot. You should give the show a shot if you can.

In other, materialistic news, Glarkware Leftovers Sale!

Also, I bought this skin for my iPod: - check it out!
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That I didn't need this bag and will probably never use this bag did not stop me from buying this bag.
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First, I recycled a favorite layout of mine. [ profile] disadulation - they're a regular Oceans Eleven.

Thank Jebus for gift cards. They're so helpful when you have no actual money to spend. I've got a Hess gas card that, in my mind, is worth more than a brick of gold. I have two other gift cards, Walmart and iTunes, that are already tapped out. Heh.

    What I Bought at Walmart:
  • clear casing for iDrew the iTouch
  • last two pints of Americone Dreams!

    What I bought at iTunes:
  • Under The Covers, Vol. 1 - Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs
  • "Phantom Limb" - The Shins
  • "Stronger" - Kanye West
  • "Umbrella" - Rihanna f/ Jay-Z
  • "Young Folks" - Peter Bjorn and John
  • "Can't Believe A Single Word" - VHS or BETA
  • "Better Days" - Goo Goo Dolls

I'm making a playlist of 2007 favorites and had a few missing songs. Also, Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs are just adorable fluff for my ears. Yay!
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So some of you know that I often covet the wardrobe of one Ms. Angela Kinsey because we're both petite gals and she always manages to find clothes that make her look neither miniature nor five years old. It's unlikely that I'll ever own much of what she wears because her paycheck is just a wee bit larger than mine. So, imagine my surprise (and complete and utter fucking delight) when I happened upon this top...

(Oh hey, Ed Helms!)

...on the 50% discount rack at Target!

OMG I own a piece of Angela's wardrobe. My heart is soaring with the eagle's nest, you guys.
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Did you know there's a 2008 The Office DVD Wall Calendar? It's an 18-month wall calender that comes with a DVD that features desktop wallpaper versions of each month. (You can see visuals here.) It shouldn't surprise any of you that I bought it without having to think about it. It's like when you drive home from work and can't remember getting from Point A to Point B. How did I get home? Why is my credit card in my hand?

This is almost as joyous a moment as finding The Christmas Toy on VHS for a dollar at some yard sale I went to today. That's my absolute favorite Christmas movie EVER.
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NBC Universal heard my plea. (Spoilerish for last night's Office episode.)
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My DVDs have finally arrived!


Target's Dollar Spot, which can usually be find at the entrance of each store, is featuring Office-centric office supplies. Doopity dawesome! Here's what I got.

nifty! )
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Here are some new things I've been trying. I didn't think each item deserved its own individual post (except for one thing which, honestly, I'm not done raving about), so here are six awesome things that I've tried and loved.

food )

not food )
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I'm home! With my Nintendo DS!

Are you really surprised by the color? ;)

It's used, but it's in pristine condition. I also grabbed used copies of Brain Age and Warioware: Touched. With the DVDs I traded in, all of this cost me a whopping $24. Holla!

Unfortunately, the DS game for The Office isn't available for pre-order, but my brother said he'll put my name on the list when it's made available. And, yes, I'm admitting now that this is a BIG reason for me wanting to own a DS again. I will buy anything with that show's name on it.


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