themightybee: (The Office - Douchebaggery) - Full NBC schedule takes shape - The Office Spin-Off - NBC showcases Greg Daniels' 'THE OFFICE' and his new 'OFFICE' spin-off in coveted post-Superbwol time slot

NBC announced today that the most coveted time period of the coming season, the post Super Bowl slot, will be used to launch a spinoff of the network's hit comedy series, "The Office." Immediately following NBC Sports' coverage of Super Bowl XLIII, the network will first present an original episode of "The Office," followed by the debut of the new Greg Daniels comedy. The Super Bowl has been perennially the biggest television event of the broadcast season and was watched this year by a total audience of more than 148 million viewers. Giving this new series that coveted premiere slot will afford the show tremendous sampling from all demographic groups.

Greg Daniels, Executive Producer of "The Office," said, "Who would have ever thought that Americans would be subjected to a mock-documentary after the Superbowl? What has happened to this country?"

I mean, yeah it's not the bullshit Dwight-gets-his-own-show rumors that were floating around late last year, but does NBC really think they're going to be able to conjure up another Office-esque show? And are they really willing to exhaust Greg Daniels & Crew by attempting to do so? I really don't want a decrease in quality so that Zucker can further profit off of The Office. Remember the hour-longs? Yeah, not the show's best work.

I know nothing about this and I'm already willing to boycott the fuck out of it, lol. Because this is WAY more important than Livejournal shenanigans.
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I'm watching the Superbowl for one man and one man only.


In other news, give me love, plz!

My Valentinr - disadulation
Get your own valentinr
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Andy, You're a Star - an Andy Bernard mix I posted the other day at [ profile] threehole_punch. Even if you're not into Andy/The Office, you should check it out because the stories (vignettes, maybe?) that go along with the songs are the closest I will ever get to writing fanfic.


I am ridiculously happy with the results of last night's SAG Awards. Another win for Tina! And she actually got to give a speech this time! I ♥ my nerdy little hat rack. I'm also really glad The Office won for best comedy ensemble. As much as I love 30 Rock, they excel in individual performances, whereas the cast of The Office is a well-oiled, unstoppable machine of chemistry (no matter how lackluster this season's been).

Also, this:

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

(btw, that cap is from the photobooth video here.)

Also, randomly, I kind of really fucking miss How I Met Your Mother.
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Reply to this post and I'll pick seven of your interests for you to explain in your journal. Post this with your explanations so others can join the explaining fun!

[ profile] umeedmerchant asked about the following:

1. news anchor kinks - There's something about the polished appearance and gravitas of a news anchor (both genuine and fake) that genuinely lights a fire within. I can't really explain it any further. Brian Williams on SNL broke my brain.

2. rediscovering unfinished projects - Every now and then I'll come across some unfinished craft project that I had tossed aside for whatever reason. Usually, just happening across it is enough to reignite interest in finishing it.

3. enviga - Enviga is a sparkling green tea energizer that I drink when it's too hot for coffee. (I'm not a fan of iced coffee.)

4. pop century resort - The Pop Century Resort is the hotel of choice for when [ profile] expatiates and I jet down to Disneyworld. Each building within the resort represents a different decade - the 50's through the 90's - and is decorated with gigantic pop culture sculptures pertaining to each one. I took some photos during one of our visits. You can see them here.

5. lonesome trio - Lonesome Trio is a bluegrass band featuring Ed Helms. Their website is here. Ed is the vocalist on "All Gone To Hell".

6. johnson & wales university - JWU is the university I dropped out of late last year. I actually should have deleted this from my interests, lol.

7. kendall payne - Kendall Payne is a musician I saw/met during Lilith Fair '99. I enjoy her music, despite its Christian/inspirational genre. The lyrics are subtle enough for this secular girl to enjoy. ;)
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one-note golden globes reaction )

I support the strike fully, but the Golden Globes is the one award show I actually enjoy. Poor Jack Nicholson is probably swilling a bottle of wine with his reflection in the mirror. :(

ETA - Why did I lock this post? O.o
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There are few things I love more than seeing my favorite celebrities on Sesame Street. Stephen Colbert in Sesame Street's All-Star Alphabet? Yes, please! (Actually, I already have it, so empty that shopping cart!) (And, no, it's not actually mine, it's my nephew's.) (Stop looking at me like that.) I didn't think it could get any better than Tina Fey's cameo as a Book-a-neer in this season's premiere. It turns out I was wrong. Very very wrong.

Oh my fuck.
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Here's my sad little excuse for a TV schedule. I'm not a big TV girl, so it's less than impressive. I'm trying out a couple of dramas this season, and we all know how I feel about dramas. (If you don't know...I hate them.)

Most of these will be DVR'd because I'm an old lady who likes her sleep. Also, there's a good chance I'll drop half these shows due to shear laziness. Me FTW!

Tonight on a very special... )

Also, I've decided to torrent Mad Men because I've heard amazing things about it.
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This moment owned my ass last night:


I'm still bummed that The Office only won awards for writing and camera-editing, but I'm not so sad that they lost to 30 Rock. Maybe I would be if they hadn't won last year? I'm just happy that people know 30 Rock exists.
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Tonight. VH1. 9:00. Be there.

By team name alone I'm supporting Team Motherboy. AMAZING.
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I'm so excited, you guys! Do you know what starts today?!


The travel nerd in me wets myself every year. I was sooooo jealous when he showed up on Easter Island last year.

I do have one gripe though. Usually, while Matt's off preening the world, David Gregory (who I've had a secret crush on for years) is filling in for him in NYC. But he's not there this year! DUDE. Not cool.

Oh, well. I'm glad I have a reason to nerd out every morning.

Today's Location )

In other news, I found some Funfetti cake mix. There may be some kitchen shenanigans after my morning shift. :O

ETA - OMG it's Tom Brokaw! I swear, anytime he snows up on TV it's life being reunited with my favorite elder. (There is so much wrong with me.)
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The Office "newpeats" were adorable.

Quick spoiler )

I've got Ugly Betty, Grey's and Raines (OMG Jeff Goldblum!) waiting for me on DVR. I'll have plenty to keep me occupied while I'm snowed in this weekend.

Sorry, but this horse should have been put out to pasture awhile ago.


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