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This brand of awesome shouldn't merely be contained with [ profile] hamm_daily:

Judd Apatow: "...and then you and Roger can stand on either side of Salvatore and be all, 'You know how I know you're gay?'"

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The entire cast of Mad Men needs to do me. They are seriously the hottest cast in television.
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I don't care if this is considered spoileresque information. SOMETHING LIKE THIS IS TOO GRAND TO BE LEFT BEHIND AN LJ-CUT.

Exclusive: '30 Rock' Goes 'Mad' for Jon Hamm

Warning: This next story may make you pee your pants.

TV's best comedy and drama are about to collide in the most spectacular of ways.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Mad Men star Jon Hamm is in advanced talks to do a multi-episode arc on 30 Rock.

Cross your legs -- there's more!

I'm told Hamm, who presumably got bit by the 30 Rock bug last week while hosting Saturday Night Live, would be playing a potential love interest for Tina Fey. Word is he's Liz's neighbor.

Although Hamm's deal isn't done, my Rock-solid mole assures me that it's happening.

Okay, go make your business now.

OMFGSTFU.*falls over*
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Great Emmy winner, or greatest Emmy winner?

That, Tina Fey's 400 billion wins and Mad Men's series win were my favorite moments last night. Oh, and Josh Groban's theme song medley. That was a total mind fuck.

I know there are a few people who will disagree with me, but I loved the near constant digs at McCain, Palin and Bush. Liberal Hollywood FTW. Tommy Smothers is my new grandpa crush.

On the shallow front, Jenna and Angela were both wearing green, my favorite color. I'm choosing to believe it's because they love me best. Yep.

ETA - From this post @ [ profile] ontd_political:

Colbert got a little more pointed backstage in the media tent. Asked which actor he would cast as Republican presidential candidate John McCain, Colbert said, "[Don] Rickles, obviously, would be good. And maybe me for Sarah Palin, because I also have absolutely no business being vice president."

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There's a new episode of Mad Men tonight, 10 pm on AMC. For those of you who have been looking to check it out, now's your chance!

Also, my Colbert Report Emmy submission DVD arrived yesterday. It plays like a collection of my favorite episodes. I love it.
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Mad Men - Flight 1 )

More people need to watch this show! Although, if you're in the midst of quitting smoking or drinking or your chauvinistic tendencies, then I suggest you steer clear, lol.
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I'm five episodes into Mad Men, and it's already hard for me to not lick my monitor anytime Don Draper appears. You could slice deli meats with his jaw line, HOLY SHIT. He and Nathan Petrelli need to get together and do dirty, naked things to each other.



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