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I love that I spent my entire Saturday night deleting and rebuilding my userpics. I'm not even joking. I wholeheartedly embrace my geekdom. I'm also proud that all but three icons were made by meee!

My default icon? The one I'm using now? Greatest icon ever. *smooshes Dork Draper*
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IS MY DESKTOP NOT THE HOTTEST THING EVER? My loins are screaming for this movie to be released already; although, I'm hoping I'll be able to read the book beforehand.

PS: You can download the icon bar at Object Dock. It's maybe the most awesome thing ever.

the paper.

May. 28th, 2008 04:46 pm
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I love this show!

I usually steer clear of anything and everything related to teenage drama because I just. don't. care about their problems. But, because this is a documentary-styled show, it's focused on real teens with real problems. And, yeah, it's kind of obvious that the director's off-camera prodding at people to start dialog to further the plot and continue the conflict, but no reality-based show is truly based on reality, and anyone who still doesn't believe that needs a reality check. (See what I did there?)

Anyway, it follows the editing staff of Cypress Bay High School's newspaper, The Circuit. The drama flows like a burst pipe, but it's totally believable. I'm so sad that there were only 8 episodes; withdrawal arrived fast. I couldn't find the last two episodes available for streaming anywhere, so I actually bought them off of iTunes, which I never do. And now I'm seeing that they were both available at - goodbye, precious four dollars.

Then I went to find a community so I could freak out over this awesome, awesome show with some folks and there's NO COMMUNITY FOR THE SHOW! I found that to be completely unacceptable, so I made one:

[ profile] thepaper_tv

Watch the show! You can stream all the episodes here (if you live in the US, anyway. I'm not sure of MTV's policy on foreign streaming). Or, if you have Cable On Demand, you can watch episodes 1-6 (thus far) there. Just go to FreeZone > Cable TV Showcase > MTV.
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I changed my layout again over the weekend. I was never happy with the header on my last layout, and I could never quite fix it to my liking, so I said, "fuck it!" and chose a layout where I wouldn't need a header. I got it from [ profile] minty_peach; it's super colorful and I love it.

Also, I made my meta data (tags, music, mood) all fancy-looking using this. Save your CSS somewhere because, once you apply the layer, you'll have to reinstall it.

I haven't used this icon in awhile. Awww, Pam! ♥
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Tonight. VH1. 9:00. Be there.

By team name alone I'm supporting Team Motherboy. AMAZING.
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I'm home! With my Nintendo DS!

Are you really surprised by the color? ;)

It's used, but it's in pristine condition. I also grabbed used copies of Brain Age and Warioware: Touched. With the DVDs I traded in, all of this cost me a whopping $24. Holla!

Unfortunately, the DS game for The Office isn't available for pre-order, but my brother said he'll put my name on the list when it's made available. And, yes, I'm admitting now that this is a BIG reason for me wanting to own a DS again. I will buy anything with that show's name on it.
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01. Steve Carell on Conan tonight! He was so awesome on TDS last night with his personal butler and his and Jon's giggle-laced nostalgia. And don't forget Stephen Colbert's dim-lit loathing during the toss. Oh, I love my boys.

02. Funny guys are my rock stars. Colbert, especially.

03. The rest of my MOO cards arrived today! They're almost too adorable to give away.

04. I think I want to chop my hair off. By this time tomorrow, I'll probably think it's a bad idea.
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I'm feeling nerdy, so here's a book meme yanked from [ profile] shellizzle .

Nerd up, bitches. )


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