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[ profile] firthgal is my hero. I should have known she'd know where to find the porn.

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In Treatment starts tonight! Mama Bee and I are chowing down on jellybeans in anticipation.

9:00 eastern on HBO. Two episodes tonight. Be there!

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My mom and I got tickets to see Billy Joel and Elton John! We got good seats considering it's their only show in New England and everyone is scrambling for a spot.

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My lap top died again while I was listening to Kelly's new album (yay for leaks!). Fuck my LIIIFE.

For the record, I kind of hate what they did with "Ready" - the demo version kicks its ass. It makes me a little less sad that "Close Your Eyes" didn't make the album.

I really need some Kelly icons, yes?

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Rumors of Angela Kinsey's divorce are kind of harshing my mellow. :(

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Thank you to my anonymous paid account gifter. It's very much appreciated! <3

My birthday has been splendiferous thus far. [ profile] expatiates took me out for breakfast at IHOP and bought me Chuck klosterman's Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs. I also got a birthday message from my younger nephew, Jayce.

Later, we're heading our asses over to Cold Stone for some ice cream cupcakes. omg!!!

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My laptop. It has the death. :(

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I am blown away by this whole plane crash. I am also incredibly glad that [ profile] expatiates and I are driving to Florida next month. Oy.

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I just rocked the fuck out of "Charlene (I'm Right Behind You)." On. Notice.

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Why aren't more of you freaking out over Rent!NPH on last night's SNL? I screamed and punched my mom. Fuck, I wanna be his hag.

Also, I hate the Penelope character. HATE.

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I just saw a promo for 30 Rock. Why didn't I know the angry elf was going to be Liz Lemon's new boy toy? \o/

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Do any of you watch Living with Ed on Planet Green? My mom and I always catch the marathons and spend the day watching it. Aside from the green technologies and renovations we're taught, we love the relationship between Ed Begley and his wife, Rachelle. He's so wonderfully grumpy, and she is a girly badass.

My favorite part of the show? Ed and his reluctant bff, Bill Nye. Comedy gold green.

Please tell me I'm not the only person watching this.

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