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Am I the only one who thought Pam working on a massive piece of machinery was super hot?
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I haven't been talking about tv too much lately (outside of "OMFG JON HAMM ON 30 ROCK LET'S COUNT DOWN THE SECONDS," all of which can be found at [ profile] hamm_daily *pimp pimp*), but special episodes call for special circumstances.

the office - stress relief )
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Did Meredith's sweater vest look familiar to anyone?


And remember, ladies, Andy Bernard was mine first. I will fight you all.

I totally called the last five seconds of 30 Rock, btw. It's happened to nearly everyone I work with.
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I need to see this immediately:

Despite losing out to "30 Rock" for best television comedy, "The Office" cutie Jenna Fischer and her castmates Oscar Nunez and Angela Kinsey brought the laughs with a poolside coordinated dance to Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack."

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Somebody needs to BUY ME THIS SHIRT. Seriously, if there's anyone out there brainstorming Christmas present ideas for me, buy me this shirt. The white gal one. In a medium.
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THE UNDIES HAVE LANDED. I spent the afternoon parading around in my penguin-print boyshorties (you know you're all upset about missing THAT). I joked with my mom about wearing the tuxedo thong for New Year's Eve, and she seemed genuinely concerned that it was all I'd be wearing, lol. It would bring in more customers. ;)

I wrongly assumed Jon Hamm would be in tonight's 30 Rock. What's a lady's version of being blue balled? I loved seeing Not Stephanie March Diane Neal, though. The new district attorney on SVU has me missing Casey Novak more and more.

I think tonight's The Office was total awesome sauce. God bless Michael for mentioning both TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory. I too have bought $9 pants at each store.
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On October 19th Ed Helms left a message on my voice mail. Later that month I made Angela Kinsey LOL and won prizes for doing so.

Tonight? My name showed up in Jenna Fischer's blog.

She blogged a few weeks back, asking for fan questions. I submitted one and she totally answered it!

How does it feel having Pam away from Dunder Mifflin? Are there any in-office moments you wish she had been around for? - Sarah Bee from Rhode Island

I HATED being away! I whined about it all the time. John was really nice. He could relate because he had to do those episodes in Stamford during Season 3. He listened to me go on and on about how I missed everyone. I'm so happy Pam is back!

I am mostly bummed I didn't get to work more with Amy Ryan. She is such a talented and sweet woman. I wish I was there the day she and Steve did their "Let's Get Ethical" routine.

*pees a little*

I'm so glad she mentioned Amy Ryan. I would have loved to have seen quality Pam and Holly time. I think they could have been allies in the Dunder Mifflin War on Crazy.
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but wait there's more! )

I am so seriously psyched right now. I assumed I'd get something signed by Angela, but I wasn't expecting autographs from damn near the entire cast! I am deliriously giddy right now.

This entire week FTW.
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01. On an unusually warm, rainy morning, I get into my car, turn on the radio and hear "Sleigh Bells."

...the fuck?!

I'm not complaining. I've spent the last week and a half stuffing my iPod like a Thanksgiving turkey with songs of holiday cheer. Still, I doubt the majority of Rhode Island is as hopelessly in love with the holidays as I am right now. We've been in a recession longer than most of the country, our unemployment rate for September was 8.8% - the highest in the country! - and the governor wants to do away with our state income tax. Christmastime is bringing NO ONE joy. So, 101.5 FM, bring me back my golden oldies, please, before you give someone road rage and my car's back bumper pays the price.

02. I'm excited for The Office tonight. I'm even more excited to see my personal deity, Oprah, on 30 Rock. I'm triple-word-score excited over the news that George Clooney is returning to ER. It's been too, too long since I've seen the man in scrubs. OH LORDY GODDAMN. *falls over*

03. My President-Elect is fucking awesome. My VP-Elect is a total VPOTUSILF. Politics just got 100% more dirrty.
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The Office )

Tomorrow's Halloween, and I get to spend the night at work. Yay?
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Hi *****, *****, Sarah Bee, and *****,

Congratulations on winning Angela's Baby Mama Giveaway!

Please read Angela's message here:

Email me your full name and shipping address. I'll forward your information to Angela. The gift bags will be shipped to you sometime next week!



Oct. 16th, 2008 01:07 pm
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fluffy fingers.
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The Office - Weight Loss )

I'll have meta-worthy stuff when I'm a little less exhausted. *falls over*
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I'm updating Drew the iPod, and I've suddenly been struck with inspiration for a Michael Scott fanmix.

I love projects.

ETA - The Stewart/Colbert cover for Rolling Stone is now available in poster form. *grabby hands*
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Both of my Office box sets have sold. I haven't even shipped them out, and I miss them already.

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Auction #1 - The Office "Severance Package" Box Set

Auction #2 - The Office "Welcome Aboard!" Box Set

Sorry, old friends. Mama needs to pay her bills.
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This is the exclusive fourth season box set that Canada's Best Buys are going to be selling. I really hope the states have something a little different. I already have the shirt and wristband, and I have no interest in a cheap-ass water bottle (I've seen it at the NBC store. It's chintzy.).

I've been thinking about selling my other two box sets anyway, because I'm in financial dire straights. Perhaps this is a sign!
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So I was suddenly hit with the ridiculous idea to make icons from every episode of The Office. I was scanning through screencaps of the pilot and fell in love with Season One Pam all over again (MY ICON. LOOK AT IT. OMGGG.) and decided that the first season in general doesn't get much love in the graphics community. So I'm taking it upon myself to rectify that.

I'm not posting them anywhere until tomorrow, but I thought I'd give my beloved flist a sneak peak cos y'all are the bee's knees!


The rest are here @ [ profile] living_icons. Please please please consider friending it. :D

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The Office )

PS: Free Iced Coffee Day ROCKED.


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