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Mar. 20th, 2009 07:44 am
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Happy Spring, everyone!

I am so glad to have winter behind me. Granted, it's overcast and only reaching a high of 40 degrees today, but it's Friday and it's SPRIIIIING.
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01. Every year, I forget the extra postage costs for square cards. This year, it actually cost more to send them than it did to buy them, lol. *facepalm*

02. I woke up this morning convinced that I was in the middle of the hurricane. Nothing accentuates the holiday season like a winter monsoon!

03. I get to keep my bff [livejournal.com profile] expatiates for the weekend! I'm so happy I could burst. <333
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01. Every year, while filling out my Christmas cards, I'm reminded of my horrible penmanship. To anyone receiving a card from me, I apologize in advance, lol.

02. I accomplished more Christmas shopping yesterday. Appropriate, as I was wearing my Christmas tree undies. :D

03. I love my Arnett/Poehler layout, but I love a wide column even more (twss), so I changed it. I'm a minimalist at heart anyway.

04. I'll be spending the rest of today cleaning my room and being chased by my nephew and his new light saber. Yay?
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01. I'm taking my mom to The Melting Pot for her birthday. I made the reservations on Friday. YAY FONDUE.

02. After Dark is the first required reading that I've enjoyed. Marukami's a master of imagery. He tricks your brain into believing you're truly in pre-dawn Tokyo. I've only got five or so more chapters to go. I don't want it to end.

03. I'm having gift anxiety. I'm doing what I can to save money, so a lot of my presents for family and friends are going to be homemade. I'm mostly happy with them, but my materialistic side thinks I should toss them aside and buy presents instead. STFU BRAIN. :(
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It's not often Rhode Island is under a tornado warning. I blame this week's Ugly Betty. Anyway, I'll be sleeping in the basement, under the futon, tonight. :x

I really don't have much to post about right now. It's been a boring day. I worked last night and came home with a million pounds of change. Today, I went with my mom to Home Depot and Target. Otherwise, I've been dicking around the internet and/or reading After Dark.

Like I said, boring day.

*puts self to sleep*
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01. On an unusually warm, rainy morning, I get into my car, turn on the radio and hear "Sleigh Bells."

...the fuck?!

I'm not complaining. I've spent the last week and a half stuffing my iPod like a Thanksgiving turkey with songs of holiday cheer. Still, I doubt the majority of Rhode Island is as hopelessly in love with the holidays as I am right now. We've been in a recession longer than most of the country, our unemployment rate for September was 8.8% - the highest in the country! - and the governor wants to do away with our state income tax. Christmastime is bringing NO ONE joy. So, 101.5 FM, bring me back my golden oldies, please, before you give someone road rage and my car's back bumper pays the price.

02. I'm excited for The Office tonight. I'm even more excited to see my personal deity, Oprah, on 30 Rock. I'm triple-word-score excited over the news that George Clooney is returning to ER. It's been too, too long since I've seen the man in scrubs. OH LORDY GODDAMN. *falls over*

03. My President-Elect is fucking awesome. My VP-Elect is a total VPOTUSILF. Politics just got 100% more dirrty.
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I'm in the process of changing both my journal and my bedroom.

I made a new layout for my journal (see?) but I'm still in the midst of customizations. Apparently, Livejournal only wants to successfully update my CSS occasionally. Still, I've been able to get quite a bit done and I really kind of love it. I love a header that needs absolutely NO text.

Also, I've become obsessed enough with the coloring I've been using for my recent icons that I'm actually thinking about rebuilding some of my older icons using it. Crazy Town, population ME.

As for my room, I'm repainting my walls. Right now, they're a few shades lighter than cobalt blue and I want a color that will lighten up my room. So, this is what I'm going with:

The bottom color, specially. "Pooh's Favorite Things," LOL. (There's also a color called "Mickey Mouse's Pants" which made me LOL as well.) The color's less electric than my crap scanner makes it look. It's really quite smooth and calming. I probably won't start painting until this summer, but I'm already having too much fun in the planning stage.


Alright, I'm off to Curves.
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Behold my icon, for it is kittens and puppies and unicorn magic all in one. I luff you, Kenneth! ♥

Speaking of icons, I made some! Unlike most of the crap I schlock out to you all (with love, of course), I kind of put some effort into these. I even included text! I NEVER USE TEXT. :O

The rest are here for all interested parties. :D

John Krasinski and Steve Carell together at a hockey game is the most adorable thing ever, y/y? AND YOU KNOW THEY WERE THERE FOR THE BRUINS. WHAT UP, LOCAL BOYS?!

(Have I ever mentioned my theory about John's time at Brown? Well, he was at Brown the same time I was in high school, 1999-2002, and I had a friend whose mom lived in the College Hill section of Providence. Where Brown is. I was there A LOT and I'm convinced that I've probably stepped on a piece of gum he spit on the sidewalk or was, like, two aisles down from him at the Store 24 on Thayer Street. I don't know why I think about this shit, but I do. And I'm crazy.)

I still have to make my TV post but all of the effort it would take to type it all out is being wasted on this nonsensical post. Oops? Maybe tomorrow.
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It's sometimes hard to believe that we're all born with the same untouched innocence.


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