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01. I'm taking my mom to The Melting Pot for her birthday. I made the reservations on Friday. YAY FONDUE.

02. After Dark is the first required reading that I've enjoyed. Marukami's a master of imagery. He tricks your brain into believing you're truly in pre-dawn Tokyo. I've only got five or so more chapters to go. I don't want it to end.

03. I'm having gift anxiety. I'm doing what I can to save money, so a lot of my presents for family and friends are going to be homemade. I'm mostly happy with them, but my materialistic side thinks I should toss them aside and buy presents instead. STFU BRAIN. :(
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It's not often Rhode Island is under a tornado warning. I blame this week's Ugly Betty. Anyway, I'll be sleeping in the basement, under the futon, tonight. :x

I really don't have much to post about right now. It's been a boring day. I worked last night and came home with a million pounds of change. Today, I went with my mom to Home Depot and Target. Otherwise, I've been dicking around the internet and/or reading After Dark.

Like I said, boring day.

*puts self to sleep*
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three things you did today:
01. Worked on a Christmas present
02. Got paid! \o/
03. Ate some banging couscous.

three favorite drinks:
01. Coffee
02. Ice water
03. Orange juice

three favorite foods:
01. Aforementioned couscous, boiled in beef stock and mixed with sweet baby peas.
02. Almost any snack that says "100 calories" on the packaging.
03. Red bliss mashed potatoes (with skin)

three things you currently want:
01. My own apartment
02. A puppy
03. Jon Hamm

three songs you like at the moment:
01. "Lost!" - Coldplay
02. "Use Somebody" - Kings of Leon
03. "River" - Robert Downey Jr.

three of your favorite bands/singers:
01. Sarah McLachlan
02. Coldplay
03. A Fine Frenzy

three things on your desk:
does my nightstand count?
01. My iTouch
02. Headphones
03. My planner

three things on your bed:
01. Me
02. My laptop
03. Fatty McFurball

three things on your shelf:
01. An empty pint of Stephen Colbert's Americone Dreams
02. My stuffed Pooh-Bear-as-Bumble-Bee
03. My camera
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I survived my first night working alone! Granted, I spent the majority of the night coating cones and defrosting tanks. I had a decent number of customers, including the token, newly in debt, raging bitch. They make me feel SO much better about my own life, lol. In total, it was a boring night that ended WAY too late. I didn't realize how long it would take to close the store on my own. I completely mismanaged my time and wasn't able to leave until 11:15. I'm still not sure I accomplished everything I needed to do. I'll know soon enough, I'm sure. I'm waiting for my phone to ring. "Jesus Christ, I just woke up to the store on fire! HELL'S BELLS."

I've been exhausted all day. Part of me wants to overdose on coffee, but I'd really like to actually sleep tonight.

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I recycled last year's holiday layout. The reveal of this year's GAP holiday ads reminded me of its pure, 100% awesomeness. You're lame if you don't love it, sry2say.

Today's going to be a day of organization. I finished my tags, and after lunch, I'm going to put away my laundry and finally fill those Ikea boxes. I'm hoping to finish importing my CDs onto my computer, too. I've been postponing my dozens of mix CDs because having to manually input artist, song and album information makes my lazy ass shudder.

Tonight is my big night working solo. I've got one of my modern lit books (ripe with tawdry sex, I'm sure) to bring with me during my downtime. I'm hoping the owner isn't there, though. That lady is worse than the Boogeyman and Angela Petrelli combined. She scares the bejezus out of me. :x

OMG so hungry. Time for foodstuff!
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My grandfather, Lucius Palmieri, was a World War II mechanic. He didn't engage in combat, but he's partly responsible for one of that war's most iconic symbols, the Enola Gay.

For those who don't know, the Enola Gay is the B-29 Superfortress bomber that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. My grandfather was a mechanic on it. For most, it symbolizes the controversy of the bombings. For my family, it's a symbol of the mystery surrounding my grandfather's death.

It was 45 years ago, in 1963, that my grandfather died of Leukemia, brought on by exposure to radiation. My mom was 12. My grandfather wasn't on the Enola Gay when the bomb was dropped. He did, however, work on it after its mission. Unfortunately, it's never been proven that he was exposed to radiation while working on it. There were no other cases reported.

To this day, my family has lived with the assumption that my grandfather was exposed to radiation while working on the Enola Gay. We'll never know the truth, though.

And that's the story of my family's war veteran.
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I have a bad habit of clapping along to Coldplay's "Lost!" while I'm driving. I really need to stop doing that.

Last night, I went over everything I need to know so I can successfully close the store on Wednesday. I feel fully prepared which helps with the anxiety. Of course, I'm still a little nervous, but I think I'll be okay.

One thing I'll never get used to, working at a casino, is the redirected anger patrons display. I'm sorry you lost a bunch of money, but don't take it out on us because you have to pay $3.19 for a small ice cream cone. We're not the ones who blew $100 of your money. It's half infuriated, half hilarious. It's the perils of addiction, I guess.

I have the day off from work and school tomorrow. I believe I'll spend my vacation day SLEEPING. \o/
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I love the internet. ♥

I worked last night, which was kind of weird. I never work Saturday nights, and I was totally unprepared for how busy it was. It's hard to break a sweat when you're surrounded by ice cream, but I managed to do it within an hour of getting there. Intense!

Apparently, someone got fired, which is why I was called in. Luckily, I won't have to work anymore Saturdays, but I did pick up a third night. I'll be working Wednesday nights. By myself. It's a little nerve-wracking to know that it's all going to be up to me to close the store on my own, but I think I'm ready for it. After all, this is the sort of responsibility I've been waiting for. I've always been dependent on other people. Now is my chance to prove to myself that I can be Miss Independent. Wish me luck!


Nov. 8th, 2008 04:12 pm
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Posting from my itouch. I'm watching my nephew and suffering from overexposure to Dora the Explorer. I can' t get to the computer, but I didn't want to miss my post for the day. So, I post.

*posts* ;)
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01. On an unusually warm, rainy morning, I get into my car, turn on the radio and hear "Sleigh Bells."

...the fuck?!

I'm not complaining. I've spent the last week and a half stuffing my iPod like a Thanksgiving turkey with songs of holiday cheer. Still, I doubt the majority of Rhode Island is as hopelessly in love with the holidays as I am right now. We've been in a recession longer than most of the country, our unemployment rate for September was 8.8% - the highest in the country! - and the governor wants to do away with our state income tax. Christmastime is bringing NO ONE joy. So, 101.5 FM, bring me back my golden oldies, please, before you give someone road rage and my car's back bumper pays the price.

02. I'm excited for The Office tonight. I'm even more excited to see my personal deity, Oprah, on 30 Rock. I'm triple-word-score excited over the news that George Clooney is returning to ER. It's been too, too long since I've seen the man in scrubs. OH LORDY GODDAMN. *falls over*

03. My President-Elect is fucking awesome. My VP-Elect is a total VPOTUSILF. Politics just got 100% more dirrty.
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I think Stephen Colbert said it best:

“I’m a little stunned. I don’t know what to do with my happiness. I’m still afraid someone’s going to take it away.”

There is so much I'm feeling. It's difficult to describe it all. Nonetheless, I'll try. ;)

I fell asleep last night exhausted with joy. I pulled the blankets over myself knowing that this one day will be the catalyst for some much needed change; knowing that on January 20th, we'll be swearing in a man who will hold us to his heart as tightly as he holds us in his hands; knowing that walls that, for years, had been reinforced have come crumbling down.

Obviously, and unfortunately, there are still walls that need to be broken. Newly obtained rights are about to be torn out of the hands of too many people; marriage licenses dissolved. It's disappointing to know that there are people who feel their neighbors, their brothers and sisters, should be treated as separate but equal. I'm hopeful, though, that after embracing a black man as our President, we'll soon ALL be able to embrace the lives and rights of our GLBT community. Everyone's love matters.

More than anything, I'm overwhelmed when thinking about my nephews. They won't remember a world where they didn't have a President that shared their skin color. No child born after January 20th, 2009, will live in a world where every leader of the free country resembled one another. The inspiration this is going to bring to the future of our country is mind-blowing.

Today is a beautiful, beautiful day.
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I'm having a pre-election meltdown. Every now and then I'll suddenly be all, "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST NEW PRESIDENT TOMORROW!!1!" and black out for a nanosecond. I wonder if I should talk to my psychiatrist about this, lol.

My mom and I are heading to the polls at 7:00am. Why? Because (a.) who doesn't want to wake up at the crack of dawn on their day off and (b.) I want my goddamn "I Voted!" sticker. Also, I suppose I care about using my voice.

Honestly, this is the first election that I've actually cared about. I was too young to remember Clinton's first term, and I was too busy rebelling against authority (I wore Hot Topic! I meant business!) to care about his second term. I started to realize the importance of politics during Bush's first term. Prior to his second term, I registered to vote and, while I still wasn't educated in the ins and outs of government, I voted for Kerry because I learned enough to know that I absolutely did not care to have another four years of Bush.

*takes a moment* *sobs*

This time, I've paid attention. I've weighed the policies of each candidate. Despite what the opposition thinks, I'm not voting for Barack Obama because he's the shiny candidate du jour. I'm voting for him because, as a low-income middle-class American citizen who's on the verge of losing her insurance benefits, I feel that his administration will pay attention to my needs. I'm voting for Barack Obama because I want to keep hold of my rights as a woman. I'm voting for Barack Obama because I can no longer afford an education under its current policies. I'm voting for Barack Obama because I know that "change we can believe in" is more than a catch phrase. I'm voting for Barack Obama because, for the first time, I have hope.
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Happy Daylight Saving, everyone! For whatever reason, my computer jumped back two hours. I guess we both need more hours in the day. That, or it's another reason for me to scream, "FAIL WINDOWS. F.A.I.L."

I finally had to admit to myself that I need to buy my underwear in a larger size. My booty is simply becoming too damn big and beautiful for my underwear drawer's current selection. It was a devastating purchase, but OMG I've never felt so comfortable in my life. I bought the Hanes Women's Authentic Boxer Briefs (in black because I'm sassy like that) and it feels like I'm not wearing any underwear at all. I may never buy another thong again.

And THAT was the most exciting aspect of my day. *cries*
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I nearly forgot NaBloPoMo was starting today. Already, I'm off to an incredible start.

I think I'll use Day One to bore you all with my brief history in blogging.

Clearly, my online blogging service of choice is Livejournal. In 2000, I was a barely active member of the now defunct community. I made a few friends there, including [ profile] peaceful_heart and [ profile] state_unfair. One day, another friend announced that they were retiring their Scribble account to start blogging at Livejournal. Intrigued, I checked the service out, fell in love and the rest if history.

I created my first Livejournal, [ profile] galore, on September 1st, 2000. I spilled myself into that journal for three years. Unfortunately, due to a glitch that occurred after my paid account had expired, my account password was erased, and [ profile] galore become impossible to log into. I'm lucky that my old photography journal is still friended to Galore. I can still access all of my old posts.

My current Livejournal, [ profile] themightybee, was created June 8th, 2003. And now you're all up to speed. :D

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I will never ever ever have the wherewithal to participate in NaNoWriMo. This seems vaguely more doable, lol.


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