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What you need to be watching tonight on Bravo:

9:00 pm EDT - Kathy Griffin's newest special, She'll Cut A Bitch
10:00 pm EDT - Bravo's A-List Awards, hosting by Kathy and featuring this:


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Why aren't more of you freaking out over Rent!NPH on last night's SNL? I screamed and punched my mom. Fuck, I wanna be his hag.

Also, I hate the Penelope character. HATE.

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Being rick-rolled once was funny. The latter 17 instances, however, were exponentially less amusing. I thought I had a more creative flist! Tsk, tsk.

I finally watched HIMYM )

I finished In Treatment as well. I've got so much to say about it, but all I can think of, at this point, is DAYUM.

Also, Garfield Minus Garfield is still one of the few things on the internet that makes me literally LOL, despite no longer being the internet meme du jour.
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This icon is the best thing to come from the Harold and Kumar 2 trailor.

The second best thing?


I will never get tired of that image.


Dec. 3rd, 2007 11:05 am
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Yesterday was a special day. Happy anniversary, Beesley! Thank you for not dropping your transmission or leaking your coolant everywhere like a certain other car I once knew. Your all-wheel drive capabilities were quite helpful this morning while I drove to work IN THE SNOW.

I hate snow, FYI.

You know what I don't hate? All of the following things:
  • Jenna Fischer looking like a fucking rock star. Fancy New Beesly indeed!

  • Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segal singing "Confrontation" from Les Mis. I know this is old news to most HIMYM fans, but I have a habit of discovering things three years after everyone else.

  • Life. You guys, this show is sooo good. Damian Lewis is as good an actor as he is pretty. His face is art. (How did I not remember him from Band of Brothers?) Also...Adam Arkin!

  • Hot chocolate. Do I really need to explain this one?

  • Elf-Yourself icons! *points to scroogey-looking Jim elf*

  • Tonight's the last episode of Heroes until...who knows. I'm so sad, you guys! :(


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