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My lap top died again while I was listening to Kelly's new album (yay for leaks!). Fuck my LIIIFE.

For the record, I kind of hate what they did with "Ready" - the demo version kicks its ass. It makes me a little less sad that "Close Your Eyes" didn't make the album.

I really need some Kelly icons, yes?

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I, like most of the free world, have gotten my hands on Kelly Clarkson's new album, My December. I've read an equal amount of reviews by people who hated it by those who loved it, so I started listening with no prejudgments.

track by track review )

Clearly, I'm 50/50 on the album, but that doesn't mean I think it's bad. Whatever ANYONE thinks of it, Kelly faught tooth and nail against her label heads to get My December released. She knows it's not a commercial album, and she's okay with that. She simply wants her vision seen, which she succeeded in, so she's already won.
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*drops dead*

Kelly Clarkson, I am so completely gay for you.

PS: Thank you for rocking the itty bitty titties with pride.


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