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In Treatment starts tonight! Mama Bee and I are chowing down on jellybeans in anticipation.

9:00 eastern on HBO. Two episodes tonight. Be there!

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Being rick-rolled once was funny. The latter 17 instances, however, were exponentially less amusing. I thought I had a more creative flist! Tsk, tsk.

I finally watched HIMYM )

I finished In Treatment as well. I've got so much to say about it, but all I can think of, at this point, is DAYUM.

Also, Garfield Minus Garfield is still one of the few things on the internet that makes me literally LOL, despite no longer being the internet meme du jour.
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Your layout wishes it could be my new layout.

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Anyone else watching In Treatment? My mom and I have been marathoning it through On Demand and we're both hooked. The series centers around a psychologist named Paul (played by the disgustingly sexy Gabriel Byrne) and a handful of his patients. There is a new episode every. night, so you're actually presented with the patients' entire therapy process. Also, Josh Charles is in it and his character's all fringed and dickish. It's hot. You should give the show a shot if you can.

In other, materialistic news, Glarkware Leftovers Sale!

Also, I bought this skin for my iPod: - check it out!


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