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2009-04-28 11:35 am

mysterious ways. i have it.

[ profile] firthgal is my hero. I should have known she'd know where to find the porn.

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2009-04-28 06:43 am

i'm gonna rewatch season one and pretend it was a mini-series.

Do any of you have access to private torrent sites that have the old series Mysterious Ways? I've given up on Heroes, but I'll never make it through life without intense doses of Adrian Pasdar in my life.

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So, yeah. Mysterious Ways? Pleeease?
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2009-04-15 04:14 pm

JESUS CHRIST, KATHLEEN. I ain't goin' on no goddamn cruise.

What you need to be watching tonight on Bravo:

9:00 pm EDT - Kathy Griffin's newest special, She'll Cut A Bitch
10:00 pm EDT - Bravo's A-List Awards, hosting by Kathy and featuring this:


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2009-04-13 04:16 pm
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2009-04-08 07:11 pm
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meme - that's what (s)he said!

I rarely do these but it looks like fun, so eff it. :D

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2009-04-05 08:23 pm
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plz to be on my couch, Gabriel Byrne.

In Treatment starts tonight! Mama Bee and I are chowing down on jellybeans in anticipation.

9:00 eastern on HBO. Two episodes tonight. Be there!

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2009-04-02 01:07 pm
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line in the sand.

My political side piece, Howard Dean, needs your help in guaranteeing health care for all Americans.

Today, Dr. Howard Dean is drawing a line in the sand. A public health insurance option is the only way to guarantee health care for all Americans. And to show that we mean business, we all need to tell Congress we won't settle for less.

I signed Howard Dean's petition, and if 250,000 of us sign, he will personally deliver it to Congress. Can you join me at the link below?


Even with my two part-time jobs, I'm still making barely enough money to get by. The public health care option is quickly becoming my only option. I have a number of medical expenses due to my major depressive disorder, and without health care, this time next year, I'll be paying for it out-of-pocket. I'll also be in extreme debt.

Please sign the petition and help people like me, and people throughout the country, receive the aid that we all deserve.
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2009-04-01 10:45 am


I <3 making plans with my bff! I bought tickets to "An Evening with Angela Kinsey" at URI - info at [ profile] angela_kinsey! - and she's gonna try her damnedest to come with.

Also? K.Griff in June. It's happening.

My day has progressed nicely since the very hot, very full cup of coffee that was catapulted upon me this morning, lol.

ETA - My new KVZ! I picked it up yesterday:

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2009-03-26 10:19 pm

non-spoilery query regarding 'the office.'

Am I the only one who thought Pam working on a massive piece of machinery was super hot?
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2009-03-20 07:44 am
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7:44 am.

Happy Spring, everyone!

I am so glad to have winter behind me. Granted, it's overcast and only reaching a high of 40 degrees today, but it's Friday and it's SPRIIIIING.
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2009-03-16 11:45 am
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you can change your clothes if you wanna.

Threadless is having another $5-tshirt sale, and I've finally got enough money to participate. Huzzah!

My purchases:
- Everyone Poops
- Byebi
- So Lovely
- Where I Keep My Stuff
- Nerds 2² Ever
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2009-03-13 06:43 pm
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news worthy of a classic icon.

You guys, my dreams from 2004 are finally starting to come true!

What do Mary J. Blige, Clay Aiken and Elvis Costello have in common? All three are the latest celebs to make cameos on “30 Rock.” According to a spy, the trio was on the show’s set Wednesday, hanging out with Tina Fey and company. “They were psyched to meet Tina,” our insider reports. “But it was Alec Baldwin who had everyone cracking up — that guy is hilarious!”

Pardon me while I dust off Measure of a Man, don my power beads and flail about this in my lime green clam-shell iMac notebook. OMFG.

Also, he's presenting at this year's GLAAD Awards. What a good panda. <3
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2009-03-12 12:23 pm
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"get you undies in a bunch."

Guess what's back?

Back again?'s 8 undies for $25 is back.

Tell a friend.

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2009-03-09 10:12 pm
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"i love you, man."

Hey! Remember this?


Ugh. I miss them so much. I watch this show like a religious zealot and it hurts my heart that they're not together and Nathan isn't snuggle-perving Peter and his baby koala face and being familial beyond necessity. I miss their loyalty to one another and them having each others' backs like Fort Knox. Their scene last week made me clutch my chest and wibble in infinite sadness.

Sure, I can still enjoy HRG and his brand of potent badassery, but OMG TV DEPRESSION. :(

I maybe feel like a picspam is in order to, like, heal my wounds or something.

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2009-03-09 03:44 pm
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i voted obama. isn't that enough for you people?

I'm already over this fandom steel cage march madness business. The banner spams make me wish cyber-murder was a real thing, lol. Am I the only one who DOESN'T CARE?

Also, snow. It is making me grumpy. It was 60 degrees yesterday. FUCK MY WEATHER.
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2009-02-28 10:21 am

I just may be the lunatic you're looking for.

My mom and I got tickets to see Billy Joel and Elton John! We got good seats considering it's their only show in New England and everyone is scrambling for a spot.

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2009-02-24 04:11 pm

the 40-year-old pimp-ass pimp.

This brand of awesome shouldn't merely be contained with [ profile] hamm_daily:

Judd Apatow: "...and then you and Roger can stand on either side of Salvatore and be all, 'You know how I know you're gay?'"

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2009-02-21 02:23 am
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is it june 1st yet?

I am an embarrassing mess right now, lol. :x
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2009-02-20 04:54 pm

I can't seem to escape.

My lap top died again while I was listening to Kelly's new album (yay for leaks!). Fuck my LIIIFE.

For the record, I kind of hate what they did with "Ready" - the demo version kicks its ass. It makes me a little less sad that "Close Your Eyes" didn't make the album.

I really need some Kelly icons, yes?

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